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Ours is just such a tale, centred on two men navigating the smog-covered streets of Victorian London: Hugo Brooks, an editorialist who never adventures far outside the written word, and Seamus Charkham, a confirmed bachelor who is determined to gulp life down right to the last drop.


Both are set in their ways, and both are in desperate need of a change, loath as they are to admit it. Despite wanting to believe they’re satisfied with continuing on as they have been, they find that sometimes, things can change for the better.


In the London of 1875, their stories — their lives — become intertwined, and together begin to bloom and unfold...

In an age before the clip-clop of horseshoes disappeared off the streets of England, before the tipping of hats and the wearing of corsets were written off as the tidings of yesteryear, there are stories which have been lost to time — stories of people, of lives, and of love.



Of Sense and Soul is a M/M Victorian Romance visual novel being developed by Forsythia Productions. The finished game will have two unique character plot lines told from the individual perspectives of our two protagonists.


Each plotline will branch into multiple endings depending on the player's choices in-game.

It all started one April morning in 2016 when we decided we should combine forces and conquer the internet (in those words exactly.) 

After brainstorming and creating the story and its characters, Of Sense and Soul saw its first form as a webcomic named Green Carnations later that month. However, with the pressures of school and creative burnout, the project was shelved and research into the setting had to be considered. 

Since then, we have been expanding the story on and off and hope to bring this passion project to fruition with our newfound skills, experiences, and knowledge!


Early sketch of Seamus

About Forsythia Productions


is a designer and hobbyist illustrator. Between drowning in research and layers upon layers in Clip Studio Paint, she appreciates a good peanut butter cup.



is an engineering student who writes herself to sleep and believes in coffee much more than she believes in herself.




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