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The Story

The Story

In 1875 London, an editorialist and a gentleman have an unusual first meeting through a misconstrued personal ad. Their paths intertwine as they struggle against their own regrets and ways, and they must decide which to follow: their hearts, or the status quo.

Hugo Brooks

An editorialist who never adventures far outside the written word

Seamus Charkham

A confirmed bachelor who is determined to gulp life down right to the last drop.

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The Setting

Become immersed in Victorian England with Of Sense and Soul's lovingly researched and crafted 1875 London setting. 

The Setting
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The Game

Of Sense and Soul is a late-Victorian M/M slice of life romance visual novel and the first game by Forsythia Productions.

The Game

Forsythia Productions

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Ingrid Yiu (ingthing)

She/Her, Co-Creator, Director and Lead Artist

Purple Flower

Rowan York

They/Them, Co-creator and Writer

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